Dr. Martha Rodriguez

Point-of-care-ultrasound is a safe and quickly evolving diagnostic modality that can assist the primary care physician (PCP) in gathering more relevant clinical information at the bedside. I began incorporating it into my practice in 2019 after learning about its myriad applications in primary care and reliable resources of training so that I can acquire the skills I needed to use it appropriately.

POCUS in Primary Care

As a primary care physician, using a portable ultrasound device that offers high-quality imaging during a scan that takes just a few seconds to gather more information to complete my clinical assessment of a patient is revolutionary. Some of the most common applications I have used POCUS for in my clinic are estimating left ventricular function, assessing for fluid in the lungs of my CHF patients, screening for the presence of carotid artery atherosclerotic disease, looking for renal stones/masses/hydro, and following known abdominal aorta aneurysms.

Before the use of POCUS in my clinic, my patients and I would have to exhaust more resources to get radiographic studies done at a formal diagnostic imaging center which would many times delay diagnosis and expose my patients to radiation. Of course, the role of these imaging centers is not obsolete, but with the power of POCUS, I can more quickly get the clinical information that I need to better treat my patients.

Better Patient Engagement, Better Patient Trust

Another major aspect of POCUS that has fueled me to fully adopt it in my practice is the opportunity it gives to further enhance patient engagement. Almost all patients I ultrasound tell me that by being scanned at the bedside with me explaining the image and information given makes them feel more included in their care, with a deeper sense of attention being paid to them. POCUS offers a safe and relatively inexpensive imaging modality that I can use in many different situations within the primary care clinic while also enhancing the patient experience. In turn I believe this increases patient trust in my ability to care for them.

About the Author

Dr. Martha Rodriguez, MD, PCMH

Primary Care Physician and Owner, MMR Healthcare


Dr. Martha M. Rodriguez has practiced Internal Medicine in the Boynton Beach area for more than 20 years. Dr. Rodriguez earned her medical degree from the Universidad Central del Este, Dominican Republic and completed her residency at Hackensack Medical Center, New Jersey.

Dr. Rodriguez’s unique background has influenced her philosophy of caring and medical practice. Her field of specialty is geriatric patients and making their golden years shine.