$2799. No Subscription.

With Vave you’ll always have access to best-in-class imaging
- Wireless
- Handheld
- Ultra-affordable and no extra or recurring fees

Crystal Clear Ultrasound. Diagnosis in Your Hand.

Join the growing community of healthcare professionals embracing Vave as a new staple of their toolkit.

Wireless Ultrasound
Portable. Affordable. Easy to Use.


  • Just $2,799, no subscriptions
  • 3-year standard warranty
  • Free cloud image storage ­– optional
  • Software included
  • Educational content included
  • Optional additional batteries
  • 30-day free returns
  • Group purchasing offers are available

Handheld & Wireless

  • Pocket-sized and wireless
  • Durable in a multitude of clinical environments
  • Waterproof & easy to disinfect
  • Swappable, long-lasting battery
  • Works with your Android or iOS phones/tablets
  • Simultaneous casting to multiple viewing devices


  • Superior imaging for cardiac, lung, OB/GYN, abdomen
  • B-Mode, M-Mode, Color doppler
  • Free wireless software updates
  • Industry-proven PZT technology at a fraction of the price

A Chat with Dean Wolfgang Gilliar

Healthcare Professionals Love Vave

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  • See our wireless handheld ultrasound probe in action
  • Learn about its diverse use cases and applications
  • Uncover the vision and history behind the technology
  • Gain insight into the exciting future of Vave
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