Top Benefits of Using a Portable Ultrasound

Anyone in the medical profession can tell you how crucial ultrasounds are for diagnostic care. Throughout a variety of medical situations, the insight that ultrasounds provide has always played a significant role in obtaining pertinent knowledge about a patient. Ultrasound devices have traditionally been clunky, which can make them difficult to use at times. Vave Health’s portable ultrasound device offers a variety of benefits for healthcare practitioners, such as affordability, flexibility, and scalability. Learn more about the benefits offered by a handheld ultrasound below.

Portable ultrasounds are affordable.

Since ultrasound images are crucial to a patient’s care in many doctor’s offices and hospitals, it’s important that clinicians have access to an ultrasound machine that is affordable. Being able to probe for vascular and cardiac conditions with a portable ultrasound machine is critical to the operation of any emergency department. Portable ultrasound devices can save your department money since a portable ultrasound device is much more affordable than traditional ultrasound machines. For example, with a service like Vave Health, you get access to the portable ultrasound, secure, cloud-based software for imaging, upgrades, access to expert imaging feedback, and a warranty—all on an affordable monthly plan.

Portable ultrasounds are scalable.

Due to their size and low price point, it’s possible to have more than one portable ultrasound machine in your medical practice. Their small size and low cost also mean that you can utilize them in multiple examination rooms, rather than having to take patients to a specific room where the ultrasound machine is located. Having a POCUS (Point of Care Ultrasound) by the patient’s bedside doesn’t just mean that you’re able to scale using these devices, it also means that you can serve more patients in a day with the care ultrasound devices provide. This can be accomplished because you won’t have to schedule around one or two devices in a day across all of your patients in the ultrasound department. This is especially important for emergency physicians and examiners who need to take a look at ultrasound findings quickly and efficiently. Having a POCUS is thus incredibly helpful for increasing your capacity in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and beyond.

Portable ultrasounds offer more flexibility.

Unlike traditional ultrasound equipment, portable ultrasound machines offer flexibility in a clinical setting. This is because a smaller, handheld ultrasound device is much easier to manipulate on a patient’s body. That can mean that image quality is better if you’re using the POCUS in a more difficult-to-reach area, as well as improved diagnostic accuracy. Being able to conduct a bedside ultrasound of the abdomen or other areas also means that paramedics responding to the scene of an accident can use ultrasound technology before a patient has even arrived at a hospital setting. Standard equipment doesn’t offer this kind of flexibility. Vave Health allows medical professionals to take advantage of POCUS devices in order to improve patient care in a broad array of different situations. The ability to operate in an agile way is taking cardiology, pediatrics, and radiology departments to new heights—and it’s all because of advancements in the technology underpinning POCUS devices.

There are plenty of benefits to using a portable ultrasound in your medical practice. Thanks to their small size, point-of-care ultrasounds (POCUS) are offering a much more flexible and compact way to take advantage of ultrasound technology. Additionally, their affordability and efficiency are contributing to situations where they’re much easier to scale within your medical practice. The end result is a win-win situation for both patients and doctors.