New Atlas: Portable ultrasound probe links with a smartphone

Via New Atlas

Ordinarily, medical ultrasound imaging systems are big and bulky enough that they have to be pushed along on wheeled carts. The new Vave probe, however, can be carried in a pocket and paired with a smartphone.

Created by California-based company Vave Health, the device is the brainchild of CEO Amin Nikoozadeh. It sprung from his studies into the miniaturization of imaging systems, which was part of his PhD research when he was an Electrical Engineering student at Stanford University.

The 340-gram (0.75-lb) device incorporates a piezoelectric transducer, a cast magnesium body that aids in the dissipation of heat, and a silicone hand-grip sleeve. One four-hour charge of its removable lithium-ion battery is reportedly good for over an hour of continuous scanning.

Vave is also IP67 waterproof (submersible down to 1 meter/3.3 ft for half an hour), meaning the whole thing can regularly be submerged and sanitized. Users are able to choose between four imaging presets – cardiac, lung, abdominal and OB/GYN (obstetrics/gynecology) – plus they can take manual control of parameters such as gain, depth and focus.

Imagery is viewed in real time using an app on a Wi-Fi-linked iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. That footage can be saved both on the mobile device and on an encrypted cloud-based server.

Vave is available now via a US$99/month subscription service, which includes an upgraded replacement probe once every two years.