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Ultrasound and Simulation in Medical Education

September EduCast, 9/15 @ 3pm PST

Vave’s early partnership with Touro University Nevada led to educational collaborations with Touro educational faculty, including the team supporting POCUS education (AFTER the study intervention!) at the annual multi-school but Rocky Vista University-led Intensive Surgical Skills Week (aka “Cutsuit Week” named for the realistic surgical task trainers that can be worn by simulated trauma victims).

In this EduCast:

  • Dr. Anthony LaPorta will share the inspiration behind this novel curriculum for students enrolled in the Health Professions Scholars Program in addition to some of the most impactful research produced there
  • Dr. Bradley Havins will share his first experience with the Vave Med Ed app (aka Vave Academy) and the genesis of this particular study
  • OMSII Ryan Becker will walk us through the findings and they study team impressions

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Past Events

Vave Health Live Demo

Members of our leadership as they demonstrate LIVE the features of the Vave Wireless Ultrasound Solution and discuss Vave’s mission to make ultrasound widely accessible to all patients and medical professionals worldwide.

Amin Nikoozadeh
Founder & CEO

Renee Dversdal, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Caroline Zeisbrich, MD
Director of Clinical

ACEP 2020: POCUS in Low-Resource Settings

Join Dr. Graglia as she shares how POCUS has been instrumental in low-resource settings.

This is one of the Vave Health presentations at the 2020 American College of Emergency Physicians Unconventional event.

Dr. Sally Graglia, MD MPH
Assistant Clinical Professor
Emergency Medicine, UCSF