Meet Vave.

Breaking Barriers

Wireless, affordable, and all-inclusive ultrasound.

Experience Untethered Scanning

Trying to image between intercostal spaces? No problem.

  • Vave’s sleek, wireless design gives you the freedom to maneuver around any patient body type. With excellent image quality, the pocket-sized probe is the perfect tool for clinicians in healthcare or medical education — the perfect complement to a stethoscope for a quick workflow.
  • Connect wherever, whenever for physical examinations. No external Wi-Fi connection needed for this cordless point-of-care ultrasound!
  • Great for hospital medicine, general practice, cardiology, critical care, primary care, pediatric medicine, gynecology, radiology, and more.

Don’t Get Locked Out

Premium bedside ultrasound imaging on your iOS and Android smartphone or tablet.

  • Optimized Imaging for Cardiac, Lung, Abdomen, & OBGYN.
  • B-mode (regular 2D), color doppler, & M-mode
  • Portable ultrasound for any patient, any time, any mobile device.

Software That Works For You

Secure. Fast. All included.


Stream your live ultrasound device images to multiple smartphones or other handheld devices. Simultaneously.


Share, review, and comment on patient exams and portfolios in real-time with security. Great for medical education, paramedics, and medical examiners.


Optionally save unlimited data in Vave’s secure cloud platform for review, or email de-identified images to your clinicians with a completely portable system.

An All-inclusive Service

One monthly payment includes an ultrasound device, software, collaborative tools, warranty, and upgrades.

  • Welcome to the world’s first Ultrasound-As-A-Service platform for patient care.
  • The predictable, scalable, and transparent cost of Vave Membership allows you to buy worry-free.
  • As much as you need, as long as you need.
  • One affordable fee with no capital expense (billed annually).
  • With your Vave membership, you will receive ongoing, over-the-air updates that continuously add new features and improve image quality. Buy online with confidence and enjoy our 14-day risk-free return policy.

Specs & Details

Combating Covid-19 with Ultrasound

Vave supports coronavirus diagnosis and monitoring.

Incredibly portable — no moving patients or bulky equipment

Save your PPE — with VaveCast, you can cast your scanning anywhere in real-time, requiring only one person in the room

Wireless and Waterproof — it’s never been easier to sterilize your ultrasound equipment between patients